Selenite mala absorbs negative energy

The word “mala” translates from Sanskrit to “garland.” Malas have been used by Buddhists and Hindus for centuries to recited mantras, similar to the way some Westerners recite the rosary. Traditional malas consist of 108 beads with a tassel on the end. The tassel represents the lotus flower. For Hindus , the number 108 is the basis of creation while Buddhists believe 108 is the number of human passions that block the path to enlightenment.

Our selenite mala is ideal for these turbulent times – selenite is a calming stone, excellent for meditation. It clears confusion and aborbs negative energy. Use it for reciting your mantra or just wear it for its properties and beauty — we hope it will bring you joy and peace.

Spectralite is the perfect stone for the new year and new decade

Spectralite is a variety of labradorite – originally only found in Finland but now mined in many other countries. In it’s black base it shows more yellow, orange and red than labradorite. It is said to strengthen faith in oneself and trust in the universe – attributes that will serve us all as we enter a new year and new decade!

What are Edison pearls?

Two Chinese siblings developed a fresh water pearl that rivals the perfection of Tahitian pearls in symmetry and color. Instead of inserting tissue into mussels as is done with traditional fresh water pearls, they realized that inserting a bead (as it done with saltwater pearls) into the mollulsk triggers it to cover the bead with nacre and form a round, lustrous pearl. And since only one bead is inserted into each shell the resulting pearls are larger than the  usual fresh water pearls. Thomas Edison claimed that the only things he could not create in his lab were diamonds and pearls.

Tourmalated quartz bestows healing energy

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on earth and comes in many colors and varieties. Tourmalated quartz gets its name from the dark inclusions of tourmaline. Combining the properties of the two stones bestows healing energy on the wearer and restores peace and harmony to one’s life.

Fluorite sparkles in a rainbow of colors

Fluorite comes in many colors and some crystals will fluoresce under ultraviolet light. The colors are determined by the impurities found in the otherwise clear crystal. It’s industrial usage is in microscopes and telescopes but we think it’s best use is in sparkling  jewelry.

Is it hypersthene or enstatite

Hypersthene comes from the Greek meaning “over strength” – it is said to heighten psychic abilities and help solve problems. Containing iron and magnesium, it is now known by the name “enstatite.” We hope the new name doesn’t change it’s purported properties .

Druzy seashell combines the sea and the mineral world

Druzys have been popular in jewelry for several years. The tiny quartz crystals on a mineral substrate sparkle and gleam. Fossil shells (from ancient oceans) covered in the tiny druzy crystals (formed over  millenniums) are the perfect combination of two natural worlds. Combined with mini moonstone rondelles this necklace is perfect for summer wear.