Selenite mala absorbs negative energy

The word “mala” translates from Sanskrit to “garland.” Malas have been used by Buddhists and Hindus for centuries to recited mantras, similar to the way some Westerners recite the rosary. Traditional malas consist of 108 beads with a tassel on the end. The tassel represents the lotus flower. For Hindus , the number 108 is the basis of creation while Buddhists believe 108 is the number of human passions that block the path to enlightenment.

Our selenite mala is ideal for these turbulent times – selenite is a calming stone, excellent for meditation. It clears confusion and aborbs negative energy. Use it for reciting your mantra or just wear it for its properties and beauty — we hope it will bring you joy and peace.

Rhodocrosite – the Colorado state mineral

Originally found  at the Sweet Home silver mine in Alma, Colorado, rhodocrosite was named the Colorado state mineral in 2002.  Also mined in Argentina,  really fine examples include the white banding seen on this pendant, circled with tiny white topaz rondelles.  Wear your state stone with Colorado pride.